SC Lighting | L108 Profile


Find the most innovating and useful LED profile of SC

    Exclusive and modern design Profile.
    The insertion of the LED inside the aluminium profile keeps the strip rigid and without curves. But it is also protected from dust and humidity by its PC cover.
    High Intensity LED SMD 7020 with120 leds/meter, which gives a continious light without points.

Profile L108

Multiple uses: WORKTOPS & DRAWERS

    The profile L108 was made to be installed on any part of the kitchen, from worktops to drawers or the inside of the furniture.
    This is possible through its 3 ways of installation and its 3 switching modes.

L108 drawer


  • TOUCH: Touch switch sensor is located inside the profile. ON/OFF only placing the finger and with courtesy light to find it in the darkness.
  • INFRARRED: Integrated switch inside the side cap. With the possibility to change the mode depending on the place of installation. Double Function:
    • ON/OFF: only passing the hand. Switching mode recomended for worktops.
    • DOOR: For installations inside of drawers or cabinets. The light goes on when de door is opened. The sensor keeps the led off while there is a close object detected.
  • RGB: The LED profile works with a remote that controls the color of the light. The RGB receptor is integrated inside the profile (the opposite of other systems where an external module is necessary).

Switches L108


  • SLIDING WITH GUIDES: 2 guides are screwed in the surface and the profile is slided through one side. This system can be used in kitchens, for worktops where there are no lateral impediments.
  • CLIPS: 2 ribbed shank clips are fastened in the surface. Once the clips are slided in the cavity of the profile, they are fastened in the holes made for them in the surface. This system it is recommended in drawers or furniture where there is not a lateral acces to slide the profile.
  • SIDE L BRACE: The profile is held on 2 aluminium L Braces fixed on the sides of the drawer or cabinet. This system offers the posibility of intalling the profiles with no need of a upper surface where to secrew the guides or clips.


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